In the 1930’s our grandparents Peter and Stella Halepas started selling greens from pickers who combed the Connecticut woods looking for wild ferns, pine, spruce, balsam and berried branches. In addition they sold floral supplies, grew their own gypsophila, and bought forsythia, pussy willow, and other branches from New York State growers. Laurel was sourced from pickers in Massachusetts as it was illegal to pick laurel in Connecticut.

Once train rails could transport greens from growers on the West Coast, their business expanded into more varieties of foliage, such as huckleberry, salal, scotch broom, cedar and various Christmas greens. By the 1960’s, our dad, Leon, expanded the product line to include fresh cut flowers and foliage from growers and vendors in Florida, California and Colorado. In 1991 we became the sole owners of our company, National Wholesale Florist.

Now a third generation family business, we are dedicated to offering the highest quality floral products and outstanding customer service. We are a family filled with pride and dedication. We treat every customer’s business like it’s our own. Your satisfaction is our number one goal.